Join one of Cheryl’s Zen Yoga classes in Wimborne or The New Forest. 

Using a combination of yoga asanas (stretches and postures), mindful movement, breath work, and myofascial release techniques, these classes will enable you to build strength, increase flexibility, release tension, and create a sense of calm. Ending with a guided relaxation you will leave feeling nourished and relaxed. Open to all abilities, both beginners and experienced practitioners.


I'm not flexible - can i do yoga?

Yes, absolutely!  Yoga is for everyone, flexibility isn’t a prerequisite.  In fact, a regular yoga practice will actually help you to become more flexible over time.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing that you can easily move and stretch in.  It’s a good idea to have clothes that keep you cool when you are active in yoga, but to have layers for warmth during the relaxation.  Some even bring a blanket for extra comfort for the final relaxation.  

How do I book a class?

All bookings are made through the website.  You can book a one-off class, or a block of bookings.  Please arrive 5 -10 minutes before the session is due to start.  If you are unable to make a booking, please let me know.

I’m a beginner - will these classes be suitable for me?

Yes!  Many of my students start their practice with me as beginners.  Throughout each class I will offer variations and alternatives for poses so that you can work to the level that feels right for your body.

Do I need my own equipment?

Please bring a yoga mat/props if you have them, otherwise I have equipment you can borrow.

Can I cancel my booking?

Bookings are non-refundable and cannot be cancelled.  However, with enough advance notice I can reschedule bookings to another date.