We run a variety of Retreats, from One Day Retreats in the New Forest, to extended weekends away in Anglesey, Launceston Farm, the New Forest and Glastonbury.

Using the practices of Qigong, Restorative/Yin Yoga, and Energy Healing, these Retreats will enable you to nourish yourself from the inside out, creating valuable space outside of busy day-to-day life to restore, revitalise and recharge.

Our popular One Day Retreats are themed, based on the Chinese Five Element Theory and corresponding seasons and organs, helping us to support the relevant systems and optimise internal health throughout the year.

To book any of our retreats, please contact Cheryl via email – cheryl@zenzoneyoga.co.uk

A Mid Summer Solstice Weekend Retreat With Cheryl & Richard Ellis with special guests Corin Ridout and Kate White

The Retreat Arnewood Manor The Retreat Arnewood Manor, Sway

'Arnewood Manor is an incredible immersion into deep peace, it is such a nurturing space that wraps itself around you and welcomes you home.' Come and join us as we return to this wonderful space for a 'Mid Summer Solstice Celebration Residential Weekend Retreat', at Arnewood Manor nestled in the heart of the New forest. We […]

To book any of our retreats, please contact Cheryl via email – cheryl@zenzoneyoga.co.uk